Ultimate9 Snow-Camo Stubby Cooler

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An absolute essential, our Ultimate9® Camo Stubby Coolers feature a magnetic strip, hidden within the neoprene!


Keeps your drink cold, longer
• Magnetic strip

Urban Camo design (snow)
Ultimate9® logo (white)
• fits all standard-sized bottles & cans

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Ultimate9 Snow-Camo Stubby Cooler


There’s nothing sweeter than that cold, bubbly goodness after a day spent on the tracks, especially when you can keep your drink icy cold and your hands warm.

Kick back and enjoy a cold one, courtesy of our Ultimate9 Snow-Camo Stubby Cooler!

An absolute essential, our Camo Stubby Coolers feature a magnetic strip hidden within the neoprene. Stick them to any metal surface, from fridges to tent poles, to ute trays, to camper trailers.


Care Instructions:

*Wipe clean.*


About Me:

I’m made of neoprene rubber








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