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What is LiveTrack Technology?

Get outdoors and explore freely with LiveTrack GPS car tracker.

This leading technology is a method of pinpointing specific locations through a wired vehicle tracker, relaying the position to your mobile device.

The LiveTrack GPS Tracker by Ultimate9 is designed to best suit your specific needs while withstanding the rigours of outdoor exploration.

Using satellite positioning, the locations of your LiveTrack unit is sent directly to your pocket via the iCAR App, providing monitoring locations in the event of theft or emergencies.

LiveTrack products are compatible with Google Maps and communicate with the mobile network via a SIM card (sold separately).

Why Do I Need One?

Oversee your personal belongings with Geo-Fence or Parking Mode alerts or allow loved ones to keep up-to-date on your whereabouts with a LiveTrack GPS Tracker, whether it be secured to your vehicle, caravan, trailer or boat.

LiveTrack is a cost-effective and discrete method of pinpointing anything on the move, safeguard your most valuable assets with full-time live GPS positioning.

LiveTrack Stealth

Discreet GPS tracking - safeguard your vehicles with full-time GPS positioning

Why do I need a GPS Tracker?

The innovation of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has brought an increased interest in location tracking as we travel openly, whether it be in our cars, on our bikes or by foot...

Our innovative LiveTrack technology pinpoints specific locations on a map, conveniently connecting them directly to your mobile device, ensuring a feeling of security in the safety of yourself, your loved ones and your personal belongings.

Improvements in GPS technology result in us becoming less likely to get lost or end up in dangerous situations, and therefore more confident in both every day and exploratory travel. LiveTrack is the next step in GPS advancement.

Why Choose LiveTrack?

LiveTrack GPS trackers are a cost effective method of allowing you to know not only your own location, but the location of your loved ones and personal belongings. LiveTrack units connect directly to your mobile device where you can view the location of your tracker on a map. With a variety of models, you can choose the LiveTrack products that best suit your specific needs.

LiveTrack Frequently asked questions

LiveTrack Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a LiveTrack GPS tracker?

Click [here] and read our Ultimate9 News article on why you should consider a GPS tracker.

How much does it cost to run?

Mobile Communication Fee:
LiveTrack GPS Trackers transmit their recorded information via a mobile communication network and will require a SIM card upon purchase for operation.
Note: Transmitted data are small packets and require SIM cards with around 200MB of data for a year of operation.


Tracker Fee:
LiveTrack GPS data is viewed through the free-to-download 'iCar App', utilising Google Maps as its mapping service. For access to Google Maps services, LiveTracks incur a fee renewed annually.
The first year of access to Google Maps is included with each new LiveTrack purchase. After the first year, an annual fee of $15 USD allows ongoing Google Maps access per tracker with 7-day tracking history.


Tracker Renewal:
To renew a LiveTracks Google Maps expiration date, go to that tracker's device information page. Click the expiration date at the bottom of the device information page and follow the on-screen prompts to renew.

Where should I install the tracker?

The LiveTrack performs best when its antenna has a clear line of sight with the sky, where fewer interferences can occur with a satellites signal.


It's important to know that GPS signals are ineffective at penetrating metal structures. More often than not, metal can cause GPS signals to reflect - meaning our antenna may not capture the data. Keeping in mind, the antennas for the LiveTrack are also internal.

Despite cars being predominantly metal, they all have a few different places where you can hide the LiveTrack away. Some recommended installation locations include: underneath the parcel shelf (below the windscreen), inside the glove box or in your A-Pillar frame.

The best practice is to power up the LiveTrack and, before fixing it away, place it at an intended installation spot to see how well it performs.

I'm experiencing an issue or am having trouble connecting the device to the app.

A common cause for connection issues between apps and relevant devices can be traced back to location services being disabled. These services might have been disabled either in the application during installation or in the phone's general settings.


To resolve this:


  1. Find the app you wish to use in your phone's SETTINGS menu.
  2. Find the LOCATION setting within the settings > [App] menu and make sure to enable or allow this setting.
  3. If this did not resolve your issue, check that your phone's overall location services are also on.
Why do location services have to be enabled when Bluetooth is enabled?

While some applications do not require your location to function, they will require MAC addresses (Media Access Control). The MAC unique identifier is used to confirm the app is communicating with the correct device, i.e. your LiveTrack.


When location services are disabled, this can prevent apps from accessing a device's MAC identifier to communicate the correct information.

Why do we use the 3G network instead of the 4G network?

The Telstra 3G network for Australia offers the most effective coverage - especially for regional areas where it is, in some instances, the only network available.

The 4G networks coverage, in comparison, is yet to offer as much coverage as the currently available 3G network, and 5G is still in its early roll-out stages.

Although Telstra has decommissioned the 3G's higher 2100MHz frequency, its lower 850MHz spectrum still operates with High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA). The characteristics of a lower frequency support more reliable and consistent reception, as its wavelengths can travel further. With this band giving HSPA and higher coverage, the LiveTrack collection offers fast & reliable transmission of their data and steady A-GNSS support.

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