Toyota LandCruiser 200 series Ultimate9 Nudge Bar

All-new Aussie-Made Nudge Bars for 4WD and 2WD Vehicles

Introducing 'The Ultimate Nudge Bar'

When designing and engineering the nudge bars, we had a few goals in mind. It was essential that the final design of The Ultimate Nudge Bar integrated into the style of a modern car while adding minimal forward projection after installation.

We also felt strongly about investing in local manufacturing, so the Nudge Bars range on offer from Ultimate9 is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia with Aussie-sourced materials - right through to the packaging!

In addition, each nudge bar supports DIY fitment with comprehensive installation instructions included in the package and the U9 team is only a phone call away for further assistance should you require some guidance or have a question.

All U9 Nudge Bars are manufactured from Australian-sourced 3mm steel, zinc-plated and powder-coated for ultimate protection against corrosion when faced with Australia’s harsh environment.

Modern vehicles come with a number of safety features that nobody wants to compromise when adding an accessory. Therefore, Nudge Bars by Ultimate9 are not only Airbag Compatible, but they also accommodate radar sensors, front cameras and parking sensors.  You can feel confident fitting one of these beauties to your rig as the design is Australian Design Rules compliant, ensuring both seamless integration and safety.


Nudge Bars often provide the perfect platform for mounting essential travel accessories, so we have included the very first accessory for your brand-new nudge bar as a part of the package, an Ultimate9 LED Light Bar and compatible loom assembly included as standard. If one light bar isn't enough, the nudge bars also include mounting points for additional lighting, sand flags and UHF antennas.

Drivers conscious of the added weight can rest easy with every nudge bar in the line-up weighing in at under 30kg (and that’s inclusive of the Ultimate9 LED Light Bar), leaving plenty of room for other accessories and cargo.


Launching with a limited number of vehicle applications in April. Register your interest on the website as more vehicle applications are already in the works.

Currently, The Ultimate Nudge Bar by Ultimate9 is available to suit the following vehicles:


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