Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor

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Monitoring the health of your battery systems is made easy with the Ultimate9® Bluetooth Battery Monitor (BBM) and Ultimate9® BM App.


• Voltage Test & Monitoring
• Cranking Test
• Charging Test
• 31-Day Looped History
• Record Trip Duration
• Review & store previous data
• Short circuit & reverse connection protection
• Suitable for 12 Volt systems

 *This model is compatible with lead-acid type batteries only*

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Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor



Keep an eye on your battery's health.


App Controlled

Our free  'Ultimatea9 BM App' is available to download from the Apple App Store & Google Play. The App is capable of storing info from multiple BBMs.

Battery Health

Monitor your battery's current voltage & remaining capacity as a percentage

31-Day Looped History

View up to 31 days of battery charge level history

Cranking Voltage

Test that your battery is producing sufficient cranking voltage to start your vehicle

Charging Test

Check to see if your battery is charging correctly once the vehicle is running


Monitoring the health of your vehicle’s battery is made easy with the Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor (BBM) and Ultimate9 BM App. 

Continuously monitoring your battery's voltage and charge status, the Ultimate9 BM app allows you to set two alarms, alerting you to low voltage situations and the need to recharge. Where data on your batteries status is collected and sent directly from this battery monitor to the BM app on your Bluetooth compatible device.

Perfect for monitoring batteries in storage, as well as off-roading, caravaning and other recreational activities, you can be confident in your battery health with the easy to install Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor.


Monitor Installation:

Installing the Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor is hassle-free; the device is installed neatly on top of your battery without the need to remove any battery terminals or reset any radio codes. Simply loosen and slide the 8mm forked cable under the nut/bolt and re-tighten. 

This device is designed to monitor 12V batteries fitted to cars, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, motor homes, caravans, camper trailers, etc.


 *This model is compatible with LEAD-ACID type batteries only* 


The Ultimate9 BBM App:

Simple to use, the Ultimate9 BM App seamlessly updates data regarding battery status and is capable of monitoring up to 4 batteries at once. Each of which can have a custom name allocated to keep you organised (e.g. Main, Auxiliary, Caravan, Bike, etc.).

The App is available to download via the Apple App Store & Google Play by searching 'Ultimate9 BM' or scanning the QR code located on the Battery Monitor label.

Comprehensive instructions on the Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor are included with purchase and can also be accessed digitally via the settings menu under ‘Hardware Installation’ in the App.


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