Throttle Controller For Volvo

Throttle Controller For Volvo

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Make Model Year Engine evcX PART NO. EVC PART NO.
VOLVOC302006 2013 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOC70 (1ST GEN)1999 - 2005 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOC70 (2ND GEN)2006 - 2013 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOS40 (1ST GEN)1999 - 2004 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOS40 (2ND GEN)2004 - 2012 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOS60 (1ST GEN)2000 - 2009 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOS60 (3RD GEN)2019 ON X623EVC623
VOLVOS80 (1ST GEN)1998 - 2006 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOS80 (2ND GEN)2006 - 2016 X623EVC623
VOLVOV402012 - 2019 X612EVC612
VOLVOV40 (1ST GEN)1999 - 2004 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOV502004 - 2012 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOV70 (2ND GEN)2000 - 2007 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOV70 (3RD GEN)2007 - 2016 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOXC60 (1ST GEN)2009 - 2017 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOXC60 (2ND GEN)2017 ON X612EVC612
VOLVOXC70 (2ND GEN)2000 - 2007 X602LEVC602L
VOLVOXC70 (3RD GEN)2007 - 2016 X623EVC623
VOLVOXC90 (1ST GEN)2002 - 2014   

How to use the EVC throttle controller

With four driving modes and twenty adjustable settings the EVC throttle controller is sure to have the perfect throttle response for any driving style or situation.

Economy mode reduces the throttle response passed factory levels, the higher you set the EVC throttle controller the more dampened your throttle response becomes. Economy mode is perfectly suited to offroad and low traction driving situations; by dampening your throttle response and having a more controlled application of power to your wheels you can significantly improve your vehicles traction capabilities. Economy mode is also great for low speed towing situations where you don't want to be constantly jerking on the throttle and overcorrecting your steering.

Ultimate performance mode increases your throttle response, the higher you set the EVC throttle controller the more aggressive your throttle response becomes. Ultimate Mode has 9 settings and can be grouped into three stages. Ultimate mode 1-3: Everyday driving with smooth acceleration. Ultimate mode 4-6: Sportier, more responsive acceleration, great for use around town where short bursts of acceleration are needed. Ultimate mode 7-9: Strap yourself in and activate launch control, instant throttle response, beast mode, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Automatic control mode is a set and forget mode which automatically selects the best throttle response based on your current driving habits. If you are in traffic and accelerating gently the EVC throttle controller will automatically choose a reduced level of throttle response. If you accelerate hard for overtaking or just even just for fun the EVC throttle controller will choose a mode with an increased level of throttle response. Automatic Control mode is what makes EVC throttle controller the most intelligent throttle controller on the market.