Ultimate9, based in Melbourne - Australia, is a manufacturer of premium automotive accessories. 

From humble beginnings in 2014, Ultimate9's mission was to become the market leader in throttle controller design, technology and manufacturing. This led to the development of the EVC Throttle Controller, the highest-selling and most popular throttle controller on the market today.

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“Super satisfied with the performance of my Ultimate9 throttle controller on my subaru forester. The EVC having 4 different settings and multiple levels makes it a lot more fun to use when out on the trail, or out in the streets, taking long road trips and having to carry all my gear sometimes can make Subaru feel slower but with the touch of a button it makes the response be a huge difference and better performance, it was super easy to install, just a plug and play device. And knowing they have a great warranty and this device wouldn’t cause any damage to my engine it was a must to give it a try “

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"I couldn’t believe what I was missing out on! The Ultimate9 throttle controller unlocked my Bronco's full potential. The ability to have complete adjustment of the throttle is a game changer on the trail. I went from making mistakes crawling by having no control on technical obstacles to now smoothly conquering some of the most technical obstacles I ever have with ease! If you use your off-road vehicle often or just want complete access to your vehicle's full potential you NEED to check out the throttle controllers from Ultimate9!"

Weekends Waypoints
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"I have been running another brand throttle controller for the past 2+years. It was the first time I have ever owned/used something like this on any vehicle. So at the time, I thought it was a great product. It does everything stated: reduces/eliminates throttle lag and adds some pep to the feel of acceleration. I did not really see any mpg gains as stated. However, I recently purchased and switched to the Ultimate9 EVC throttle controller. I must say this is a much better investment. It still reduces/eliminates that throttle lag however, it is smooth! When I would step on the gas before, the Jeep would jerk because of the quick spikes in the controller. Where now it's a smooth transition of power. I have also seen a slight increase in mpg's (running on an equivalent setting). Most important to me...I look forward to using the "E" settings on the trails to see how that helps. I always turned off the previous unit because I felt it made accelerating a guessing game and sometimes dangerous. It was too inconsistent especially when throttle control is such an important skill off-road."

Mike & Jamie Brisbin
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"I was once very sceptical of throttle controllers. Just step on the gas more was my theory. I was so wrong. Truth is, installing the Ultimate 9 EVC Throttle Controller is one of the best things I’ve done for my Jeep. Having the control to dial it back a bit on trails has been amazing but that control really stood out when Texas froze over in 2021. With such a large range, it was easy finding the perfect setting to get rolling without spinning tires. That played a major factor in my ability to help others in such a tough time. But it’s the day to day driving that I like best. U7 is the way to go. U9 when you want to really go vroom."

Nathan & Tammy Robert
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"I am a freelance photojournalist in Dallas TX, shooting breaking news. I purchased my first Jeep Wrangler (2012, 2-door) in 2020 to share with my daughter when she was home from university. I don’t race, I don’t climb hills, I don’t climb rocks. I needed a work vehicle with lots of space and speed. I immediately noticed a hesitation when I pushed the gas pedal, which my Ford Ranger did not have. Doing research online brought me to the Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller. Immediately, no more hesitation at stoplights. Sometimes I even beat the local police to crime scenes. That Jeep was trashed a few months ago and this is my second Jeep, a 2013 4-door Wrangler JK (which we have nicknamed SHREK for obvious reasons). The first accessory installed was 100% of steel on the front bumper and skid plate. The second was another Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller. I preach the benefits of the EVC to every Jeep owner I meet."

Avi Adelman
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"The EVC throttle controller is HANDS DOWN the best worst decision I've ever made! Our 2020 Wrangler has never driven this well before. It's like driving an entirely different vehicle. Only two downsides I can see from this purchase... The first being, I now think this jeep is a race car and try to line up with everyone I can (It's not BTW). The second issue is these 35's want to spin every time I punch the throttle and I'm going to end up having to switch to drag slicks soon... If you're looking for a sign to buy this product, this is me saying...DO IT! You will NOT regret it."

Amanda & Doc


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