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Ultimate9, based in Melbourne - Australia, is a manufacturer of premium automotive accessories. 

From humble beginnings in 2014, Ultimate9's mission was to become the market leader in throttle controller design, technology and manufacturing. This led to the development of the EVC Throttle Controller, the highest-selling and most popular throttle controller on the market today.

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"The evcX throttle controller from Ultimate9 has made a huge improvement to the everyday drivability of my 2022 Isuzu Dmax. The factory input lag was a constant cause of frustration for me driving around town, and something I always thought I had to live with until I tried the evcX. Ultimate5 has dramatically improved the responsiveness of the Dmax around town - it feels more lively to drive, quicker to take off, and has maintained precise control throughout the rev range. The benefits aren't limited to on-road though with the ability to make slow-speed rock hopping a lot more controllable with the click of a button on the main unit (or via the app). Before spending thousands on expensive engine modifications, give one of these units a go, it's an affordable and easy-to-install upgrade that has a lot of benefits for modern four-wheel-drives!"

Daniel Sands - Explore Bound
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"Who would have thought that a 10-minute modification to a car could make such an impact. I’ve installed the Ultimate 9 EVCX throttle controller to my 2017 Hilux, and boy what a difference it made. We often tow a camper trailer on trips away, and the difference it makes to towing and the throttle response is brilliant. I also notice it coming into its own when beach driving and I need that extra power to push through a cutting. Having the Bluetooth feature is also really handy and nice to have. I highly recommend this product!"

Joshua Collins
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“Affordable, Easy, Awesome. Only a 5 minute easy install there’s no need to spend heaps more on a tune when the EVC throttle controller works a treat. Throttle control at the tip of your fingers! Great for 4wding, towing and even just day-to-day driving! Highly recommend this product! Won’t have a car without it"

Elle & Westy - Escape Two
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"Upon fitting the EVC Throttle Controller to my V6 Amarok, I couldn't believe how much of a difference it would make to my day to day driving as It removed the lag completely which made the Amarok effortless to drive on all terrains. Some examples of why the unit is very handy is due to the fact It made me feel a lot safer when entering T-Intersection knowing the vehicle has no lag and the ease of towing heavy loads on long trips. I recommended it so highly to family and friends who have since purchased a unit for their own 4wds after noticing the significant improvement in my vehicle."

Brad - BPS Outdoors
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"Most people do not understand how important throttle control is out in the Bush. Whether you are requiring quick response for mud or to slow it down for the ability to climb a big rocky hill, the Ultimate9 - EVC Throttle Controller gives you the ability to with a touch of a button. I feel like I am cheating by having this unit in my ute it’s great. Whether you are towing a van or heading bush I highly recommend these units."

Matt - Fourbie Sessions Australia
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"I absolutely love my Ultimate9 throttle controller, it makes such a massive difference to getting rid of that throttle lag and giving the vehicle a bit more of oomph when you need it especially when towing. Massively beneficial to have, it’s Economical mode, Ultimate mode and Automatic mode. Also offering probably one of the best warranties and insurance compared to other controllers on the market, the biggest seller for me was knowing it won't affect my vehicle warranty at all. I also run my Ultimate 9 battery bluetooth monitors and live track and love them too."

Dane Stanbridge
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"We had the LiveTrack unit installed in each vehicle in our recent overlanding trip to central Australia, and we must say, they are amazing devices! Very easy to install with basic 12v knowledge and our families back home were able to track every car each day, which give both them and us huge peace of mind. Not only that, but we could set a GPS boundary and if any of our 4x4's went outside of that area without our knowledge (IE stolen) then we could have tracked and retrieved it! Dirt Down Under highly recommends installing a LiveTrack unit from Ultimate9 for every rig, no matter how big or small your next adventure is."

Jason - Dirt Down Under
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"The EVC throttle controller is the BEST modification on the Triton so far! And the guys from Ultimate9 are awesome and willing to communicate and answer any questions you might have! Even Henry (dog in photo) is happy with the throttle controller, no more diesel lag makes his back seat ride just that much smoother!"

Joshua Angove
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"Most people would probably have one of these throttle controllers installed on a 4x4 of some sort. Instead, I have mine installed on a Volkswagen Jetta and man it sure does make a difference. It changes the behaviour of the vehicle to the point where it feels even better than factory. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels their vehicle to be... lackluster. Definitely a must-have!"

John Liaina Dickson
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