Ultimate9 Automotive LED Light Bars, LED Work Lamps, LED Rock Lights

New LED Lighting by Ultimate9

We chose to focus on using reliable components to create LED Lighting products that sit at a competitive price point, giving customers a better bang for their buck. The new range includes LED Light Bars, LED Rock Lights and LED Work Lamps.

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Why do I need a GPS tracker?

The innovation of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has brought an increased interest in location tracking as we travel openly, whether it be in our cars, on our bikes or by foot...

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What is the EVC Throttle Controller? How does it work?

The EVC Throttle Controller is a throttle response controller that gives you the power to tune your vehicles throttle response for any driving style or ...

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What is throttle lag?

What is throttle lag and how can it be overcome? Well, first we have to take you back to the good old days of throttle cables and ...

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