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Exploring in the darkest of nights is safer and more enjoyable when equipped with the right gear. That is why LED Lighting has quickly become the first choice in off-road illumination.


When compared to halogen and HID options, LED lights are often made with extruded aluminium housings and polycarbonate lenses, offering far superior resilience against extreme vibrations, weather conditions, and impacts. Other benefits include longer lifespans, larger & greater fields of illumination and far more diversity in their applications due to a smaller footprint design.


With so many appealing features for off-roading in particular, it’s easy to identify why LED lighting is such a popular choice.

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Highest dust & waterproof ratings

20 years industry experience

30-day money back guarantee

24 Month Replacement Warranty


LED technology continues to rapidly evolve, with new chip designs, optic profiles, and more streamlined manufacturing processes becoming accessible - ultimately expanding the availability of premium components.

Subsequently, increasing the availability of affordable lighting solutions.


Our team at Ultimate9 have more than 20 years of experience in automotive lighting, working alongside some of the largest offroad lighting brands in the industry.


Drawing from that experience, we're able to construct an LED lighting range that is not only powerful in performance but incorporate components once only found in high-end counterparts. Only, now with an attractive price.

LED Light Bars

Expose the darkest of nights with our Ultimate9® LED Light Bars.

LED Work Lamp: Pedestal Mount

Cubed versatility - A work light that throws a widespread.

LED Rock Lights

Small & Rugged Rock Lights to be mounted practically anywhere.

What Harness Do I Need

Single Output Connector

Ultimate9 40" & 50" Light Bars, intended for roof mounting, utilise our Single Output Harnesses.

Lighting installed further from a battery, such as the roof of a vehicle, can experience a voltage drop - a drop in electrical potential from travelling along a longer path. Our Single Output Harness uses a larger DTP connector & heavier gauge AWG wire to reduce voltage drop.

Work Lamp Harnesses

Ultimate9 Work Lamps come supplied with their own individual harness. However, in the case of mounting two Work Lamps, our Twin Output Harnesses can be utilised.

Twin Output Connector

Ultimate9 20", 26", & 30" LED Light Bars, more often fitted at the front of vehicles, utilise our Twin Output Harness.

The Twin Output Harness is capable of powering two 20", 26" or 30" bars simultaneously.

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