Codebreaker GPS HUD

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Heads up! Keep eyes on the road thanks to the Codebreaker GPS HUD system.


• GPS Speedometer
• Compass
• Over Speed Alarm
• Fatigue Driving Reminder
• Auto & Manual Adjusting Brightness

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Codebreaker GPS HUD


Codebreaker GPS HUD

Project GPS calculated speed information into field of view while driving.

GPS Speedometer

The GPS speedometer function projects accurate vehicle speed onto the supplied reflective film and features an adjustment range of 50-150 to calibrate further when required.


Codebreaker GPS HUD features a built-in compass displayed above the speedometer readout.


Set an alarm to notify you when the nominated speed limit is exceeded.

Adjustable Brightness

OBD2 HUD features a light sensor to either automatically adjust projection visibility, depending on the environment, or manually adjust brightness at user discretion.


Codebreaker Head Up Display systems, HUD, assist in monitoring vital parameters, such as speed, by projecting information onto a reflective pad, placed by the user in a convenient spot on the windscreen. With the information displayed higher up, it is easier to concentrate on the road ahead.


  • GPS Speedometer & Alarm
  • Compass
  • Fatigue Driving Reminder
  • Adjustable Brightness





• Connection: 12-36V Hard Wire Kit
• Back Light Colour: Green
• Material: ABS
• Screen Size: 3.5"
• Operating Voltage: ≤ 5V
• Dimensions: 86 x 37 x 16mm
• Product Weight: 50g
• Packaging Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 44mm
• Packaged Weight: 150g


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