Ultimate9 Auxiliary Loom Twin Output Connector

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Power your 20", 26" & 30" Ultimate9 LED Light Bars


• Twin DT Output Connectors
• HB3 & H4 Piggyback Adaptor
• Illuminated Round Rocker Switch

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Ultimate9 Auxiliary Loom Twin Output Connector


Plug & Power - wire up your new Ultimate9 LED Light Bar.

Our Auxiliary Light Harness brings plug & play fitment to your new Ultimate9 LED Light Bar that triggers with the activation of High Beam.

With HB3 & H4 piggyback adaptors included, the harness connects directly into your headlight loom and isolates with a dash mounted illuminated rocker switch.

Don't want your Bars turned on? Simply flick the rocker switch off.

With our twin DT connector output, you can use the same loom to wire up two 20", 26", or 30" Ultimate9 LED Light Bars.

Please note: This loom is only compatible with our 20", 26", and 30" LED Light Bars. For 40" & 50" Bars, please visit this link [Click Here]


  • Twin output DT Connectors: Capable of powering two Ultimate9 LED Light Bars
  • Plug & Play: Connects straight into headlight loom for control
  • Piggyback Adaptors Included: 1x H4 & HB3 headlight adaptor included with harness
  • Illuminated Rocker Switch: Isolates the light for more control when High Beam is on and Light Bar is not wanted



Connector Type: x2 Sealed DT Plugs | Twin Output
Relay Rating: 12vDC 40A
Fuse Rating: 30A Single
Wire Rating: 105°C
Max Load: 30A@12v
Switch: Illuminated Round Rocker Switch
Adaptors: Includes 1x H4 & 1x HB3 Piggyback Adaptors
Instructions: Included

Harness Dimensions
Relay ~ Power Terminals: ≈ 450mm
Relay ~ Headlight Pickup: ≈ 1300mm
Relay ~ DT Connectors: ≈ 2500mm
Relay ~ Rocker Switch: ≈ 3500mm


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